Running Update – 07/07/2013

As runners, we all have those ‘Wow’ runs and the ‘Ugh’ runs. Tonight’s run was definitely the latter…

After last night’s struggles, I decided to push for more than a mile, but felt that the loop was more than I wanted to attempt. So, I opted for my 2.8 miler, and am thankful that I went for the shorter route. While I could have run longer, it also would have meant suffering longer. While the hamstrings didn’t bother me, the glutes did. And, the funny thing is, it was on both sides. At least, for the first 1/2 mile or so. After that, the left side calmed down and the right side improved for about a mile or so. But, around 1.5 miles,  it definitely came back and ached the rest of the way home.

While I have done a little research on the matter, I never really looked into the glutes being the problem. I had always assumed it was more of a hamstring issue. But, after last night’s power walk, I think that my issue is simply muscle fatigue. AZCentral and Athletico both have great posts on the role and function of the three gluteal muscles. After reading them, I think that I have simply fatigued the muscles. Whether I have over extended them or simply not having stretched them enough, is the unknown in the equation. For now, I’m going to assume not enough stretching, until proven otherwise…

Of course, running on limited food intake probably didn’t help either…

Distance: 2.85 miles (Garmin ForeRunner 410)
Time: 25:28 (8:56 avg)
Splits: 1 – 8:21, 2 – 17:31 (9:10), Final (9:21)


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