Running Update – 03/15/2014

March 15, 2014

Gate River Run

9.46 Miles – 1:16:28



Running Update – 03/11/2014

March 11, 2014

As my last hard workout, and probably my last, before the Gate River Run, I figured I’d take another go at my Covelly run, similar to what I did before the Ortega River Run. Of course, it should come as no surprise that I failed to cover the distance, yet again.

The goal was to cover the roughly 6 miles in about 47:00. I figured this would give me a pretty good sense of where I stood compared to the 9.3 I’d cover in the race. I started off well enough, and managed to cover the first 2 miles in the 7:30s. But, while running the third mile, I could feel that familiar drain, and decided to opt for the mini or modified version of the run, which is only 4 1/4. Even at that, I was still about a minute slower than the last time I ran it.

At this point, I’m pretty much out of training options and training days. Normally, I’d try to get something in tomorrow, but I will be traveling and unable to do so. That would leave either Thursday or Friday, but my body doesn’t do well without a couple of days in between workouts and races. So, it looks like I’ll be storing some glycogen and hoping for the best.

Morning weigh-in: 168

Distance: 4.25 miles (per Garmin ForeRunner 410)
Time: 33:16 (7:54 avg)
Splits: 1 – 7:33, 2 – 7:35, 3 – 7:54,  4 – 8:11, Final – 8:07

Running Update – 03/09/2014

March 11, 2014

With the Gate River Run less than a week away, I figured I’d take one last shot at getting in my practice run (9.8 miles). Unfortunately, it was pretty evident to me about two miles in that it wasn’t meant to be. That’s not to say that I couldn’t physically covered the distance, but that I lacked the energy and endurance to do it. So, not surprisingly, my diet (or lack thereof) strikes again.

So, rather than 9.8 miles, I turned in a reasonable 3.7.

Morning weigh-in: 171

Distance: 3.72 miles (per Garmin ForeRunner 410)
Time: 29:22 (7:54 avg)
Splits: 1 – 7:38, 2 – 7:53, 3 – 8:07,  Final – 8:02

Cycling Update – 03/07/2014

March 7, 2014

While I had originally planned on trying to get this in last night, I just didn’t feel like going riding on cold, wet, windy, crappy night…again. So, I skipped a day and got the ride in tonight. It was still a cool ride (mid 40s), with the occasional gust of wind. But, at least it wasn’t wet…

While I don’t really the same cardio benefit as I do from running, at this point, it’s all about endurance. Without beating up the legs and joints…

Morning weigh-in: 168

Distance: 17.22 miles (per Garmin ForeRunner 410)
Time: 1:08:07 (15.2 mph avg.)
Splits: 1 – 15.9, 2 – 15.8, 3 – 15.6,  4 – 14.4,  5 – 15.3,  6 – 15.7,  7 – 15.1,  8 – 15.5,  9 – 14.6,  10 – 15.4,  11 – 14.9,  12 – 14.9,  13 – 14.2, 14 – 15.5, 15 – 15.0, 16– 15.4, 17– 15.0, Final – 15.5

Running Update – 03/05/2014

March 5, 2014

Continuing with the multi-day workouts, I figured I’d try a short one. Given the results, it was probably a good idea.

Going out, I tried to maintain a fairly even pace, because I knew that in doing so, I could possibly hit the PR on this course. I could tell midway through the second mile, however, that a couple of days of hard workouts was taking its toll. So, even though it wasn’t the run I wanted, the results were still pretty solid. Let’s see what tomorrow brings…

Morning weigh-in: 169

Distance: 3.7 miles (per Garmin ForeRunner 410)
Time: 29:11 (7:54 avg)
Splits: 1 – 7:39, 2 – 7:56, 3 – 8:02,  Final – 8:02

Cycling Update – 03/04/2014

March 4, 2014

Continuing with my efforts to include cross training, I opted to follow up last night’s run with a ride. This time out I took my normal Figure 8 running circuit and doubled it, for a distance of just over 12 miles. As a cycling course, it’s probably a little safer than a running one, given that the second and seventh miles are along a two-lane county road with no bike path or usable sidewalk. But, either way I choose to use it, it’s always a risk with cars coming along at 50 mph in either direction.

Of course, to make things even more fun, it was a cold wet evening, with a mist on the air and winds gusting to about 15 mph. Since they were coming out of the northwest, I got hit with a pretty good “wall of wind” just past the 4 and 10 mile marks. In an effort to challenge myself, after completing the first figure 8 in 23:45, I attempted to complete the second cycle in the same time. Although I was close, I just couldn’t seem to do it. But, it was a good ride and good workout.

Morning weigh-in: 169

Distance: 12.2 miles (per Garmin ForeRunner 410)
Time: 47:50 (15.3 mph avg.)
Splits: 1 – 16.5, 2 – 14.2, 3 – 16.7,  4 – 16.5,  5 – 13.9,  6 – 14.7,  7 – 15.9,  8 – 14.7,  9 – 16.2,  10 – 15.9,  11 – 14.0,  12 – 14.7,  Final – 17.3

Running Update – 03/03/2014

March 3, 2014

My original plan had been to do the Durban run, but seeing as I needed the mileage, I opted to run the Veterans Park 10K instead. Initially, I was more interested in making sure that I got any good solid run than I was in getting a PR. As it turns out, I think I achieved both. Which is more impressive, given the fact that I was running in some pretty solid 10 mph winds.

The first mile actually felt a little clumsy. It was as if I couldn’t find the right running rhythm. The second mile things seem to improve and I was pretty happy with my 5K split. Knowing that I needed to keep an 8:15 average, my mindset switch to achieve the PR. On the way back, however, I felt my pace sliding and was struggling to keep it underneath 8:30. However, right at the sixth mile, I found a bit of strength coming back and managed to hold on.

Realizing that I’m about two weeks out from the Gate River Run, these are the kinds of runs that I need to have in order to finish in the top 10%.

Morning weigh-in: 170.5

Distance: 6.17 miles (per Garmin ForeRunner 410)
Time: 49:59 (8:06 avg.)
Splits: 1 – 7:33, 2 – 7:56, 3 – 7:45,  4 – 8:20,  5 – 8:35,  6 – 8:26,  Final – 7:44

Racing Update – 03/01/2014

March 1, 2014

Ortega River Run

Given that this was my second race at this distance, I consider this one to be somewhat of a mixed bag. While I did improve over my last outing, and had to navigate a couple of bridges and a general hillier course, I still didn’t turn in the average time I was looking for. Don’t get me wrong; I am continuing to improve my times and making progress. It’s just not as fast as I would like.

All in all, I was pretty pleased with the race. Despite running with 1,700 other people, it really didn’t feel that crowded. I did make sure to start up near the front. If I had to guess, I would say that I was in the top 150. I just wish I had finished there. I don’t know if I would have done much better had I moved further up.

Typical to me, my first mile was definitely my strong mile, although, the second mile wasn’t too shabby. My split for the third mile is a bit misleading, as the last half of it was going up the bridge over the Ortega River. While I was a bit weaker than I wanted going up the hill, I more than compensated coming down the backside and really stretched my legs out. I managed to pass everyone who had passed me going up the hill, while coming down the backside.

While not a distance that I really want to race going forward, there was a lot to like about this one and will certainly consider doing it again, even if I don’t run the Gate anymore.

From a supplement perspective, I popped a pair of chews about 15 minutes before the race and another pair at the 2.5 mile mark, which I held against my cheek and gum. I’m finding that chewing, breathing, and running to being much more difficult than it sounds.

Distance: 5.05 Miles (per Garmin ForeRunner)

Time: 38:58/38:50 Chip/38:48 Garmin
Pace: 7:41 avg. (per Garmin ForeRunner)

Splits: 1 – 7:04, 2 – 7:38, 3 – 8:03, 4 – 7:50, 5 – 7:57,Finish – 5:37

Men 45-49: 16th (out of 95) Top 17%
Men Finishers: 176 (out of 783) Top 23%
Total Finishers: 241 (out of 1726) Top 14%
Ortega 2014 - 1Ortega 2014 - 2Ortega 2014 - 3Ortega 2014 - 4

Running Update – 02/27/2014

February 27, 2014

Since this was supposed to be my taper run, I was struggling with the notion of whether to run it with the goal of getting a PR, or truly using it as a taper. Complicating the matter was the fact that I was running it two days before my next race (Ortega River Run), which usually doesn’t bode well for my performance.

I had considered running my normal Clovelly run (6 miles), but given the pace that I was going, I opted for the mini instead. All things considered, however, I was generally pleased with the pace and how the run felt. I only hope that Saturday’s race goes as well.

Morning weigh-in: 168.5

Distance: 4.21 miles (per Garmin ForeRunner 410)
Time: 32:17 (7:40 avg.)
Splits: 1 – 7:31, 2 – 7:32, 3 – 7:44, 4 – 7:54, Final 7:46

Cycling Update – 02/25/2014

February 25, 2014

Say What?!

Yeah, I’m sure a few of you were surprised to see that post. I have been meaning to get back on the bike for many months now, but having blown out the rear tube, and more importantly, damaged the rear tire, it’s taken me a while to get around to buying replacements. So, this evening, I ran up to Walmart, picked up the parts, and got myself back out on the road. I really kick myself for not doing it sooner, because I know that cross training would really help in my preparations for the Gate River Run.

Given that my normal 7.5 mile course is about to become unavailable, due to road work, I decided to take my new Big Dogleg course (8.6 miles) and use that for a cycling run. While it doesn’t provide quite the same level of challenge from a hills perspective, there is a nice rise between the six and seven mile mark to provide some extra work.

Assuming I can get back into the routine, my goal is to try and get in about 15 miles or so each time I’m on the bike. And, between running and riding, I’m hoping to get in between five and six workouts a week.

Morning weigh-in: 169.5

Distance: 8.6 miles (per Garmin ForeRunner 410)
Time: 33:08 (15.6 mph avg.)
Splits: 1 – 16.2, 2 – 16.1, 3 – 16.6,  4 – 15.6,  5 – 15.7,  6 – 15.6,  7 – 14.4,  8 – 15.0,  Final – 15.3